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174 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $3,000.00
Achieved: $5,206.00

I'm Riding to End AIDS!

From June 5-11, 2011, I'm bicycling in AIDS/LifeCycle. It's a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.

In my hometown, I've been inspired by Bakersfield's AIDS Project for many years. As a reporter covering the group's activities to my most recent role as a fundraising committee member, which helped the nonprofit save their hospice home - helping those affected by HIV/AIDS has become important to me and I hope it's important to you as well.

Before I picked up the phone to register I thought about the millions of lives that have been lost. I thought about the lives that are still living in uncertainty. I imagined families, friends, children and countless other faces that I would never know, but would still be able to lend a helping hand too. In that moment, I couldn't think of anything more important than participating in the tenth annual AIDS Life Cycle.

Biking for 7 days, covering 545 miles is intimidating, especially for someone, like me, who has not seriously cycled before. I've never been on a road bike, either. But, I'm always up for a challenge and for a chance to do something for others.

AIDS/HIV can have a nasty stigma associated with it. Most people don't like talking about it, let alone, acknowledge it exists. It's been pegged as a "gay" disease, but more and more cases are showing up in straight African American and Latina woman. Regardless of who has contracted HIV, it's a global issue and I believe we can find an end to this toxic unraveling thread.

This will be my first, probably not my last, year riding in the AIDS Life Cycle. I'm excited to be participating with Team Instinct. We are all first time riders, but all equally believe in finding an end to AIDS and advocating for that society may normally shun.

 The money we raise will benefit the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. The center has a credible reputation of mentoring and helping at risk gay youth as well as providing free health care services to uninsured positive clients.

 I hope that you too feel inspired by the idea of helping change lives. Whether you sign up for AIDS Life Cycle this year or next, donate or volunteer; don't think for one minute that you don't make a difference. You do! And for those out there that cannot, I will!


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