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Shelby is a member of the 10K Club! Please give generously!

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34 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $10,000.00
Achieved: $3,350.00

Please Help Me Reach My Goal!

From June 3-9, 2012 I will be riding in the AIDS/Lifecycle bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This is a 545 mile journey to help raise awareness around the issues that people living with HIV face, as well as an avenue to help raise funds that go to keeping many of those affected off the streets and well cared for. A sizable portion of these funds also go to educational programs to help others avoid becoming infected to begin with. With governmental budget cuts these days, such active participation by those of us that are truly fortunate is imperative!

I have set myself a rather large goal and I am looking for your support. Please donate in any amount that you are comfortable with, but any of the following scenarios will get me to my goal:

Keep in mind that you can do monthly contributions automatically, so go high!!

  • 300 of you donating $50 each
  • 150 of you donating $100 each ($25 per month for four months)
  • 33 of you donating $300 ($30 per month for 10 months)
  • 27 of you donating $1 for each mile I ride ($545 or $55 a month for 10 months) 

I am looking for 10 of you to do that last one! If I can ride this far you can donate this much!  :-) 

As part of my commitment I will be donating enough to offset the costs associated with my participation in the ride. This means that anything you give will go straight to those that need it most!

Please help me support the San Francisco AIDS Foundation by giving what you can. All donations are tax deductible. If you or your spouse/significant other work for a company with a matching program please take the time to submit the appropriate paperwork as this can often double what you give directly!

 Thanks for your help! Please pass the URL for this page along to others so they may also contribute!