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143 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $10,000.00
Achieved: $14,310.00

Four years now I've trained and trained and trained... and then ridden from San Francisco to Los Angeles to fight HIV/AIDS, and each year I've sat down in the middle of it all to write a fundraising request to friends and family, laying out my reasons for riding, my reasons for riding again, and again, and again, and what the tens of thousands of dollars we've raised do, and what they mean to a community.  This year to date I've been quiet; the words not forming in my head the way they have before, the text not writing itself in the dark months of winter as I looked forward to training outside, or in the brighter days we now find ourselves in when I'm pretty much always sore here or there from training outside (1011 miles this calendar year - almost enough to get me to LA and back!).  Five years ago AIDS/LifeCyle was an unknown adventure, one that changed my life, welcomed me into a community, gave me support and motivation to push myself harder and to do more good (and have some fun along the way).  Five years on we are all part of that community, working together - some with the click of a mouse to donate, others with the hum of a well-oiled chain on an open road - to continue the fight against HIV/AIDS and to continue to offer support services to those in need.  If I could wish anything of those who have contributed in the past or can contribute now it would be to experience a day on the ride, to watch the tireless dedication of over five hundred 'roadie' volunteers who build (and take down) tent cities along the way, to see two thousand cyclists ride out each day, to feel the welcome of the dozen small towns between San Francisco and Los Angeles as we simultaneously open their minds and they ours, but most importantly to meet some of the people whose lives have been saved - physically, medically, emotionally, financially - by the ride and the work of the San Francsico AIDS Foundation.  As much as my tongue has been cold this ALC season, my heart is always warm when I think of what we all do together - riding, volunteering, supporting emotionally, and supporting financially.

Please consider a donation to the San Francisco AIDS Foundation on behalf of my participation in the AIDS/LifeCycle 11.  If you've donated before, please try to donate at the same or higher level.  This year I have set a goal of raising $10,000, and I believe that together we can certainly accomplish that by ride-out June 3rd.  In this time of continued need but reduced funding from local, state and national governments, ever contribution means so much to the organization, and even more to those who benefit from its services.

Thank You,