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ALC 12

Team Wino

TEAM WINO rides in our 9th AIDS-Lifecycle in 2013!

We are a dedicated crew of DJs, artists, freaks & nightlife denizens with a passion for bikes & the grape. & a burning desire to rid the world of the sufferings of AIDS. Together over the years, our little gang has raised about $178, 000 & we'll keep on riding till this plague is over... With Riders from SF, Oakland & NYC we'll hit the road for 550 miles down the coast to LA in June... Click on a Rider & make a donation today!



Rider #4292

Fearless Litre- TeamWino


Team Wino Raised
Toph Evans $3,776.50
Rich Awn $3,447.00
Sarah Bowman $4,075.00
Barbara Brockway $3,100.00
David Buonocore $3,102.83
Mickey Darius $3,180.00
William Dehaan $3,111.00
Maritza Dominguez $3,161.66
Sean Evans $3,391.50
Nathan Garcia $5,600.00
Stefanie Gesiorski $3,750.00
Tim Lee $3,775.00
Margaret Monroe $1,150.00
Timoteo Ryan $1,887.50
Roberto Sanchez $3,825.00
Natalia Slastina $3,200.00
Benjamin Wang $3,310.00
McCray Wimpsett $2,971.50
Denotes a Team Captain