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You might be asking yourself why I would spend 7 days riding 565 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

The answer can be found in this link.

Articles like these give hope to those living with HIV/AIDS. As technology advances we get one step closer to curing this deadly virus.

Until that day arrives countless individuals rely on the services provided by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center and San Francisco Aids Foundation for HIV treatment and education. HIV is not making as many headlines as it did fifteen and twenty years ago, and because of that people have become complacent. They have allowed themselves to think that because we have medications to keep the virus at bay we no longer have to be vigilant in stopping it from spreading. Complacency is just as dangerous as ignorance and that much harder to fight.

I realize that none of my friends/acquaintances are millionaires, and I am not asking for million dollar donations. It does not have to be a lot, even if you can give just $10 dollars that would do the trick. Everyone I know can give $10 dollars, even the crazy old homeless lady who lives downtown and harasses me at least once a week has $10. To get the ball rolling I'm donating $10 to myself for the next 10 months (Yes you can do an installment plan, consider it charity layaway). If you can't donate yourself, then take 5 or 10 minutes and ask a friend, family member, or your place of employment and see if they might be willing to make a donation. If we work in unison we can accomplish absolutely anything, we can even curing HIV.

Thank you all in advance for your generosity and support!!!