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Doing the best we can

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Thanks to my generous sponsors

Every year I ask you all to show up, to help me raise money and awarenss for a cause I believe in deeply.

I have returned again for yet another journey and again we will ride.

545 miles 7 days to say we still believe, that we still know that many people are suffering and that many people still need help.

We will not stop and I am asking you to stay on this ride with me another year so that others may live, so that others may be saved, so that others can get the help they need to get by day to day.

I am asking us to do the best we can. No matter what you do to participate... This year I am doing a lot of drawings and give aways to help bolster more support.

You may have heard me talk about at some point well I have a $1000 dollar Charitybuzz credit to give away this year.

CharityBuzz Auctions off meet & greets and lots of amazing prizes to allow fans to connect with their favorite stars, &  this could be your chance!!!.

All those that donate to this year to my effort will have a shot at the $1000 Auction credit. Just give $5 dollars or more and your are entered.

I am so honored and grateful for all the love and support and I know we will make a huge impact again.

Share this  on your facebook page, tell friends about this ride, share the stories of those you know that have been helped by The SF Aids Foundation or the LAGLC. It all counts !!!

All I am am asking is the we do the best we can.

We will end AIDS together we will be a part of saving lives.

Thank you very much David-sf rider 3539