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Early Spring Fundraiser

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As we "Spring Forward" this weekend I figured this would a good time to kick off my spring fundraising incentive. 

So here is the deal--I am offering to cook a Vegan meal (appetizer, entrée, side dish and dessert) for 1-10 people for $150 per person.  I will bring all of this tasty food to you so you can host a fabulous Vegan dinner party in your home; I will even sneak out the back door so no one knows you did not cook!  There?s also the option of having me cook enough food for a number of people and you can freeze the meals for future use.  I am open to a variety of options.

Once I receive your donation, you will have six months in which to redeem this offer.  While this may seem like it?s limited to those in the SF Bay Area, if you would like to arrange for me to travel to your location I am happy to oblige! I have quite a variety of menu options to offer and I look forward to working with you on your selection.

I do this because doing nothing is not an option.

With much love and gratitude!