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Give till it hurts...I'll be working every mile!

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Yes I'm CRAZY! Support crazy...

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Hello my friends.

I want to include you in the adventure I find myself on.  As you know, I registered to ride with AIDS/LifeCycle this June.  Life's plans were a bit different from mine.  Some job responsibilities and a little surgery/hospital visit has taken the bike out from under me but NOT THE RIDE!  I'll be on it every mile working to support the riders and helping out on the management team.  I could not be more proud to help make every mile safe and inspiring for the 3500 other participants. 

As you probably know I'm the Chief Development Officer at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center. This cause means the world to me as I look back on friends I've lost, live with friends affected, and pray for the first generation that our community isn't affected by this horrible epidemic.

Thus far, with your support, I've raised over $25,000.  That is enough to help cover the costs of 6 months of individual therapy for 27 patients with HIV.  It is enough to help cover a full year of laboratory procedures for 54 patients.  It is enough to pay for one person's HIV medications for a full year.  It is enough to save and change lives.

I asked people supporting me to send me names of friends who had passed.  I have a list of over 200 and add more of my own everyday that I remember.  I will wear this list on a jacket every day of the ride and for years to come...never to forget.  Send me 2-3 names to add to this list. 

Thank you for your support of AIDS/LifeCycle, and your support of me.  This is far from over.  I am committed to raising as much money as possible for this event.  Please donate today.  If you've already donated, please donate again.  Join me in this incredible journey to end AIDS.

Thank you,