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Frank THANKS his Hero Donors! Our 3 year total = ***$78,525.00***

61 Years Old, Healthy, Strong and Happy!
61 Years Old, Healthy, Strong and Happy!

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The AIDS RIDE 2013 is almost over and I am updating this web page, maybe for the last time. Thank you to ALL MY HEROES for making this year an AWESOME FUNDRAISING SUCCESS.  I will not be riding next year and wish to thank all my supporters who have given so generously these last three years. I am greatly satisfied with all this LOVE, SUPPORT, GROWTH, NEW FRIENDS and LIFE EXPERIENCES. I am writing this in LOMPOC, with only two days remaining in this year's ride.  

AIDS Lifecycle has been the vehicle that has helped me complete more of my grieving over the loss of my life partner of 21 years, Allen Bodine. It has reconnected me to the gay community in a very positive way opening up a myriad of new friends and experiences. The cycling has helped me rehabilitate my body after a very debilitating head forward fall down a flight of 15 stairs in 2007. Now I am in the best shape of my life at 61 years of age. It has helped me establish a different relationship with HIV disease, no longer in the struggling role of a caregiver, but in a philanthropic role raising an impressive amount of money to assist those who care for AIDS patients. I realized at the end of AIDS Lifecycle 11 that I had benefitted so much in two years that I owed the San Francisco AIDS Foundation at least one more year focusing on the fundraising as thanks for all the benefits participating has brought me. I set my cap to raise enough money in the third year to reach a three year total of 75K which we exceeded. With your help, we have a 3 year total of:



It is my hope that there will come a day when no person has to live with the worry that comes with being HIV positive, when no family has to suffer as a loved one slips away. Supporting the great efforts of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation through fundraising from people like YOU gives me hope and helps me heal in my grief for Allen so that one day this disease will end.... and END IT WILL, especially with your help. If you still want to donate, click on the "DONATE TO SUPPORT FRANK" orange button to the right and give what you can!

For those of you who have corporate donation matching programs with your employer, please select the San Francisco AIDS Foundation as the charity and include my name and rider number, Frank Adair #2550, on your company form. Please email me with any questions at and I can help you fill out your company's matching request. These matching monies make a HUGE difference.

Please note:  I have personally contributed $4,000.00 this year:  $2,525.00 (to my ride) + $1,475.00 (to other riders). I believe in the work of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

The AIDS epidemic is not over. Yes, people are living longer thanks to innovative drug programs, but these programs do not run by themselves. The treatments are not perfect. Even though people are living longer, they continue to develop problems secondary to the treatments and to the progression of the disease. In the last year, two of our friends with long-term HIV disease became ill with cancer - one with breast cancer and one with anal cancer. Thriving is more the norm, but this life is not a benign remission. In addition, groups at great risk for contracting the virus continue to spread the disease - younger people who never experienced the horror of the early days of AIDS are more complacent about safe sex practices and people in cultures where homosexuality is less accepted represent one of the biggest new groups infected including people of color. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation has concentrated its efforts in all these groups to make sure people get the support and care and treatment and education they need!

Please open your heart and give generously. I know you may have given before, but I need your help. If you knew Allen, do it for him. If you know someone who is HIV Positive, do it for him or her. If you want to see the spread of this disease curtailed through the efforts of the SF AIDS Foundation, this is a great reason to give. If you have not been touched by AIDS, if you have never known anyone with AIDS, this is a call to compassion!

 Thank you for joining MY HERO DONORS

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With great love and rampaging appreciation,

Frank Adair

Rider #2550

Redwood City, California

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