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I'm on day 5 of this amazing journey. Biking up hills so high that all you see is a line of bikers from the bottom yomthe top. every night stories about how the money we raised together is helping lives. im so proud of all of us! there is little or no cell/ email service so i cant upload pics here - but friend me on face book to see more. tomorrow i wake at 5 (again) and bike all day. we talk to people as we ride, kids and schools come out to wave - an amazing experience.









By the way - If you have not received your print, I will be contacting you when I return. The wine raffle also will take place then and I'm hoping to have a little event to say thank you and present wines, etc. I'm off to bed for an early start.




Last Night I spoke to a friend who works on HIV research and learned the AIDS Lifecycle is a major source of funding for them!!! I had no idea!!! We spoke of new breakthroughs around the corner, to have the body create T-cells w/o the receptor that accepts HIV. This would possibly cure people!!! We are getting close! HIV can soon be like Polio. That's why I'm doing this and why it's so important to support research and education and people NOW!!!  Soooooo, Thank you for supporting me in this challenging part of my life and for helping support this worthy cause!

   If you are here to donate any amount, and support this cause and my doing this ride, THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!

We started raising money at my Art Crawl print show where I exhibited a limited edition of Giclee prints at a special price of between $150 and $200.. These are very high quality on heavy weight archival paper. Each is number 1 - 10 and signed. If you donate that amount now, You can still get a print.

Simply go to my art website

Go to menu and select AIDS/Lifecycle prints.

Choose the print you want (make sure it is not sold out) and then donate the amont of the pint ($150 or $200) here and in your message tell me which print you want.

I'll create the print and have it ready for you to pick up at James' Beach! I'll send you a msg from here


Any $50 and up donation you make here now enters you to win a great wine!!! $100 gives you 5 chances, $150 is 7 chances and $200 is 10 chances! You are automatically entered when you donate - thre is nothing more to do. Just leave your name when you donate and at the end of May we will draw the names and post them here and notify you if you are a winner. Each person can win only one wine, so everyone will have a good chance to win!

Here is a partial list of wines..this is growing every day!

Magnum of Veuve Cliquot Rose, Magnum of Veuve Yellow Label, Magnum Jordan Cab, Magnum Flora Springs Trilogy, Signed bottle of Boxer Shiraz by winemaker Sparky Marquez "Set No Limits", Double Magnum Gloria Ferrer Sparkling wine, and many more cool wines....SO DONATE NOW! I will announce the winners when I return and we'll have a little thank you celebration where you can pick up wine and prints!!!


1.)  Click the donate now button and make sure to state who you are.

2.)  Make a donation!!!!  and make a difference in alot of lives! Thank you!


What’s this all about???

For the past months I’ve been going to physical therapy (I’m old yikes!) and training to be part of the AIDS Lifecycle ride (yes, the 547 mile bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles) on June 2. Aids has taken so many of our friends and I always wanted to do this in tribute to those friends and to raise money for this cause. I’ve named my black & white bicycle BARTOK after my first dog, the subject of many of my paintings (his paw nails were black and white like piano keys) and my spiritual friend on the ride.

 Thank you

Daniel Samakow and Team Venice Beaches







My Personal Web Log


I did my 74 mile Day on the Ride!
OMG! I rode a bike 74 miles in one day, through Woodland Hills (Yes there were hills!) In 90 degree plus heat and I made it!!!! I have lost 15 pounds and only get stressed if I miss some riding time - it's very relaxing!!! Keep supporting me and I'll keep pedaling and together we'll kick AIDS in in butt! Yay team!!!

by Daniel Samakow on Sat, Apr 27, 2013 @ 12:07 AM

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Another great ride!
We pushed it today going around and around by LAX! Up some hills and down with EASE! Now to increase miles to 40-50! Then 70 on April 20 and 100 in May to Santa Barbara. I've lost 13 lbs on my way to 20... I can only do this w/ your support! Thank you!

by Daniel Samakow on Wed, Apr 10, 2013 @ 1:26 AM

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My first big Bike ride went to Redondo!
Well, I'm no longer a virgin! My friend Bert Zweig took me out and showed me the ropes from Marina Del Rey to Redondo Beach and back. Over 25 Miles!!! It was a beautiful ride it got me excited for the big rides coming up and I learned many exciting things. First, I know not to go up a hill in the wrong gear! Second Electrolytes are real and you need them to keep your energy up! More to come!

by Daniel Samakow on Sat, Mar 30, 2013 @ 4:41 PM

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The show was a hit! THANK YOU!
We had a great time from 6 pm til 11:00 at a show of over 24 pieces!!!! Lot's of friends and newcomers who liked my work and helping a great cause. Grant helped visitors make donations on the spot, we updated a chalk board with each new sales, and I made a lovely speech while pedaling on my beautiful bike.Wines graciously donated by Young's, Southern, American and Pacific distributors helped make the night flow!!! Thank you!!!! A big hit was the raffle for two early pieces printed at Nash Editions! It went so well, we did a second raffle only for those present! Canal Club new Exec Chef Jorge Valines and Exec Sushi Chef Takuma Ieto out did themselves! Watch for more amazing new items coming from our kitchen! We also may have a few people thinking of joining Team Venice Beaches!!!! What???? We have several beaches in Venice. What?
But the fun is not ending! Due to popular demand we are leaving it up through at least this week. Many pieces are getting to the limit so come to Canal Club, tell me the piece you want when you visit and make your donation here. IF YOU JUST WANT TO DONATE - LET ME KNOW!!! Your generous gift a needed and accepted with thanks!

by Daniel Samakow on Fri, Mar 22, 2013 @ 2:25 AM

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First Day of Spring and a new show
Last-night I was up late setting up the art show. I sat there among so many images, many I had never made into prints and it reminded me how much I love to paint! I'm actually working on a major commission right now!!! So this show has been a great thing... it is helping people by raising $. It is letting my friends share my work, which so many of you have asked for, and it has reignited my passion to paint!. What a great win-win-win!!As everyone knows, I believe in magic and symbolism. I'm not surprised this would happen on the first day of spring - a celebration of the beginning of life!

by Daniel Samakow on Thu, Mar 21, 2013 @ 11:07 AM

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A Big Day in my early Training
Thank you to Damon my coach who got me riding around Venice today - I did NOT fall down!!!!!; to Evolution Therapy for kicking my butt after my ride and strengthening my muscles for the ride and Bert Zweig for taking me out to find a bike rack at Helen's in Santa Monica! They were very helpful and to my team partner Grant Turck who worked on cards and a team T-Shirt!!!! What a day!!

by Daniel Samakow on Tue, Mar 19, 2013 @ 6:30 PM

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