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ALC 12


We're a group of gay and bi guys who give back to our community. We organize fun and relevant community service projects that provide leadership opportunities and create friendships. Our goal is to make San Francisco a safe and happy place for everyone--by building bridges and tearing down the walls that divide us. In the past year, we have reached out to all corners of our city, making a lasting impact through all of our service projects. Now we're paticipating in AIDS/LifeCycle!

For more information on our organization check out We're looking for more cyclists, roadies and a lot of donations. Thanks in advance for your support!

Note: It's not possible to donate to the team directly. You need to pick one or more of our team members and donate to them individually. Keep in mind that each team member, with the exception of John (who is special),  needs to raise a minimum of $3,000 to participate in the event. Thanks again for your support!


Ben Hutchinson $7,015.00
Greg Clark $6,000.00
Luis Elias $3,890.00
John Gutierrez $650.00
Matt Petrich $7,125.00
Denotes a Team Captain