ALC 2014

Team Trish Train

Why Team Trish Train?

Team Trish Train was formed years ago before any of us even realized it. It started off with a random tent assignment, a close bond between new friends and a cycling "system" that worked....Trish in the front, Karri right behind and never out of sync. People often latched on to the "train" as we powered through. Then came Erik who instantly became part of the pack. We were all inseperable and never was anyone in our group left behind. We took care of each other and had a bond that no one could break. And then Glenn....if another car was going to be added to the train it would have to be special...and Glenn is a perfect fit.  

Trish has always been the strong powerhouse...the engine that pulled us, the drive that kept us motivated. Last year she was diagnosed with breast cancer and has gone through 21 weeks of chemo. Sadly due to complications from surgery and chemo she will be unable to ride this year, but as Erik said it best, "we ride for those who can't". And so this year we dedicate our ride to Trish... she is the little engine that could and we know next year she'll be back on the road full steam ahead.

Team Trish Train is a natural formation of 4 dedicated, devoted, and loving teammates who can power through anything put in front of us. 

Each one of us has been dedicated to this cause for years and will ride for as many more years as it takes to find a cure for AIDS. 

Team Trish Train - Join Team Raised
Karri Delacosta $5,981.25
Patricia Brown $9,550.00
Erik Dabel $3,625.00
Glenn Hammerson $3,101.00
Denotes a Team Captain