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Dear Friends, Family, Colleagues and Comrades,

 This May 2014 marks the 30 year anniversary of my start of HIV work at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation in 1984. In honor of this milestone, I am doing something I have wanted to do for over 15 years which is riding my bike from San Francisco to LA in June. I am one of the thousands of people riding in the AIDS LifeCycle which is 545 miles raising money to fight and finally end this disease. I thought it was the perfect "empty nest" activity for me to focus on.


By the age of 32, I had lost over 100 friends, clients, and colleagues. For the better part of 1985, I was giving 4-6 positive HIV test results every night to people at the Castro Mission Clinic. They were all dead a year later. I feel like I have been through a sort of war. This bike ride is part of healing and externalizing some of the grief that is lodged inside of me. I have had an incredibly rewarding and unique professional career and witnessed how over these last 30 years the prognosis of HIV/AIDS has gone from a death sentence to a chronic manageable disease. Before I retire in a few years, I would love to feel confident that the cure for AIDS is here to stay and the people living with HIV and AIDS can live out their full life.


I will be riding my bike an average of 85 miles a day, something that will be super challenging for me physically and mentally. I am starting the training now and I hope to raise $5000. I ride in solidarity with all those men and women who are physically and mentally challenged by living with HIV or AIDS. I am asking you to support me in this effort to make AIDS a disease that fades out of the picture into the distance in my lifetime.


Please pledge your support for this effort which raises funds to support research, social services, educational programs and medical care for people with HIV/AIDS. No amount is too small AND no amount is too large. There is no rush, we have until May to raise these funds but I know some of you might want to make end of the year donations for tax purposes. Thank you in advance for all your love and support as I travel on this journey. With a full heart, Amanda