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Young, gay Randy needs your help (40 y.o. Randy does, too - badly)
Young, gay Randy needs your help (40 y.o. Randy does, too - badly)

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There are two big reasons why I'm riding

I was 10 years old when I started realizing that this "just friends" feeling I was having for girls wasn't going to go away, neither was this "can I please love you hard" feeling I was having for boys.  I was in a small, conservative Texas town being raised by conservative Texas grandparents, and the AIDS epidemic was starting to make every headline, every day.  As I began to understand who I was, I was becoming more afraid of it--my family, my town, my friends proudly roared their hated of queers, and the only other gay men I ever heard of were dying at alarming rates from a mysterious disease, one that in my 10-year-old mind only proved that the Christians were right.  I was indeed going to die and go to hell for feelings I had no say in.  Years of self loathing ensued.

As an adult, I realize now that I owe a great deal to the many gay men and women who paved the way for me, who worked to make a world and a community where I was accepted.  Those who died and those who fought for their right to be healthy and equal are the reason I can boldly be myself today.  But the fight for health and equality are not over, so I now join the ranks of this good army and fight and ride to honor the legacy of the brave souls that fought before me.  

And second--please pardon the vanity, but seriously it's time to get this body back in shape.  40 is fast approaching and this gut ain't gonna lose itself.  Nothing says "uh-oh" like signing up for a 545 mile bike ride.  

Join me!

So join me in this fight, this quest, this ride.  The SF AIDS Foundation is doing a remarkable job in taking care of the people who need them--people with or at risk for HIV, people without access to care, people that need help and hope. Your support of me is your support of them, of us.  (Plus you get a tax deduction and my eternal gratitude--maybe even dinner).  All gift sizes count!  Thank you!