ALC 2014

Team Mary

Team Mary rides AGAIN! 

It's easy to think that HIV/AIDS is no longer a problem. Medications have come a long way, and people are living much longer, healthier lives. This is why the work of San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the LA Gay & Lesbian Ctr is so vital. They continue to provide the critical services and education needed to meet the growing needs of communities everywhere. The ride is to raise awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS among participants, donors (you), and the general public. 

That said, Team Mary is ready to respresent in the ALC for it's 15th consective year!  Team Mary consists of over 50 riders (Marys) including several "Virgin Marys".  What is a "Virgin Mary"?  A "Virgin Mary" is a 1st year rider that has been recruited by our Veteran riders.  They are dubbed their official "Mary" name before the ride as their "right of passage" to a safe and amazing journey.

So, support a MARY!  Below you can click on any of the riders and donate to them directly.  Unfortunately, you cannot donate to the entire team as a whole on-line.  However you can send in a check, we can then disburse your donation amongst the team equally.  If you are interested in doing so, please email me: Evan Caldwell aka "Mary Ella Pecia" ( and I will give you further instruction.

A very big "MARY" thank you for the support!  What YOU are doing today with your donation saves lives and brings us one step closer to ending AIDS.  Until then the Marys will ride on!

Team Mary - Join Team Raised
Evan Caldwell $5,690.00
David Abramovitz $5,818.50
Maria Aguirre $1,057.00
Bret Allan $3,547.00
Rob Bannon $4,367.00
David Bishop $4,190.00
Bryan Botha $5,985.53
Gene Boyle $7,644.50
Derek Brookmeyer $9,660.00
John Brosnan $5,517.65
Richard Chapin $5,500.00
Tony Cornejo $3,411.00
Stu Eaton $5,920.29
Jeff Ehrenberg $4,223.19
Alan Elsas $10,625.00
Weston Fisher $3,384.54
Ferdinand Garcia $4,155.00
Brandon Gardiner $4,355.00
Gregory Green $9,799.29
Andrew Hattori $21,115.10
Brian Hill $7,758.00
Jonathan Horst $4,935.00
Eric Hubbs $30,677.29
Peter Kimelman $7,200.00
Ryan Leonard $5,719.06
Ronald Loosen $9,010.00
David Madfes $10,262.50
Sasha Madfes $16,020.00
Bret Malsnee $3,826.00
Joshua Marshall $2,110.00
Derek Martin $0.00
Alex Mastrodonato $3,474.00
James McCaleb $5,455.00
Connor Mcleod $9,546.00
Austin Miller $5,791.75
Kyle Nishkian $9,725.00
John Normoyle $5,931.25
Mike O'Keefe $10,300.00
David Palmer $6,320.00
Justin Pool $5,270.00
Lucas Ringhofer-Miller $4,546.00
Paul Ringhofer-Miller $3,704.76
Sean Riordan $7,275.60
Adam Robinson $14,731.00
Joshua Sassoon $11,595.53
Jack Schickler $4,279.78
Michael Sijacic $250.00
Mathieu Tozer $3,769.76
Parker Trewin $66,123.00
Mark Zafra $5,590.00
Matthew Zils $7,735.00
Denotes a Team Captain