AIDS/LifeCycle 2017

Different Spokes

Since 1983 . . . Different Spokes has been one of the premier LGBTQ Riding Clubs. We have been helping riders train for AIDS Life/Cycle and the California AIDS Ride since the very beginning.  Different Spokes created the Los Angeles LGBT Center's Cycle For Life, which was the real beginning of the AIDS Rides.

We all have different reasons for riding in ALC:

- ALC veterans
- have lost loved ones AIDS
- are HIV+
- have a personal goal of staying or getting in shape
- just can't get enough time in the saddle during a normal week
- love to eat nearly everything in sight, and drinking Powerade
- love cycling and help a good cause at the same time

- or, all of the above

Each of us needs to raise at least $3,000 in order to participate in the ride. While we don't expect ALL of this to come from our fellow Spoker buddies, we sure could use both our club's support! Help us support the Jeffrey Goodman Special Care Clinic and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation by giving what you can. We'll keep riding until AIDS and HIV are a thing of the past.

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