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June 3-9, 2018

AIDS/LifeCycle 2017

CRETINS!!! How do we ride!?!? BALLS DEEP!!!
CRETINS!!! How do we ride!?!? BALLS DEEP!!!

Team Cretins

Team Cretins is back for the 2017 ALC!  Its been an incredible journey so far!  In 2013, one Cretin raised a little over $3k.  In 2014, four Cretins raised over $17k.  2015, tweleve amazing individuals raised $42,337.  Last year 14 of us bumped that up to $67,001 and we KNOW we can beat it this year!

  June 4th - 10th 2017, Team Cretins will join thousands of other participants in riding our bicycles from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  We do this to take part in the single largest HIV/AIDS benefit around!  The AIDS/LifeCycle is a life changing and improving event for all involved!  Join us in heling make HIV/AIDS a thing of the past!  Make a gift to the AIDS/LifeCycle on our behalf today!





Aids/LifeCycle benefits, and is jointly produced by, San Francisco Aids Foundation (Tax ID # 94-2927405) and the Los Angeles L.G.B.T. Center (Tax ID # 95-3567895), each of which is a non-profit, public benefit corporation recognized as tax expemt under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).  Donations to the Aids/LifeCycle are deductible for income tax purposes, to the extent permitted by law.


Where the money goes and how you can help!




    • $1,000 covers a full year of medical supply costs for 55 patients
    • $1,000 funds one client receiving Post Exposure Prophylaxis
    • $250 provides Rapid HIV Antibody tests to 20 clients
    • $175 provides HIV prevention counseling sessions to 20 teenagers
    • $150 provides comprehensive HIV/STD testing to 1 client
    • $100 provides Hepatitis A and B vaccinations to 1 client
    • $25 covers the treatment medication for 1 client infected with an STD
    • $10 buys 143 condoms that the Health Education and Prevention Program will distribute


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