AIDS/LifeCycle 2018

The KillJoys

Thanks for visiting Team KillJoy's fundraising page. As Sara Ahmed wrote, "To killjoy is to open a life, to make room for life, to make room for possibility, for chance." We live our lives eradicating the systems of oppression that limit people's lives; we are here to provide life possibilities for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Team KillJoy is a diverse group of Higher Education and Student Affairs faculty and staff. We are different races, sexes, genders, body types, ages, experience levels, from different parts of the country, and more.  And we are all riding for one reason: to fight HIV/AIDS. We honor the memories of those who have died from and those who live with AIDS and HIV. They are our friends, family, and neighbors. 

Our team goal is to raise $40,000 ($5000 per person) before the beginning of May. We hope you will support our endeavor and donate to your favorite rider.  Be sure to follow us on our various social media accounts to stay abreast of how our training is going and to give us words of encouragement along the way. 545 miles is a long way to ride and we need your support!

Team KillJoy is:

InstitutionalKillJoy- Dian Squire

TransKillJoy- Z Nicolazzo

NerdKillJoy- M Lawter

LaughingKillJoy- Dennis Hicks

KillJoy- Chad Mandala

KillyJoy- Ally Davis

Killjoy- Jamie Piperato

If you would like to join Team KillJoy, email Dian Squire at

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