AIDS/LifeCycle 2018

2016 Finish Line in Los Angeles  545 Miles
2016 Finish Line in Los Angeles 545 Miles

Cedar Ridge HS

Welcome to the Cedar Ridge HS team page for the 2018 AIDS/LifeCycle ride.

My older brother Adam, our friend Steve Raucher and I will be participating in the 2018 AID/LifeCycle bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  I know,  crazy to ride 545 miles along the Pacific Coast Highway, but it is a blast and it is for a great cause. Steve and I did this ride in 2016 and I have posted the picture of Steve and I at the finish line of the ride.  We now have Adam joining us and possibly more people.  Your donation to the cause will enable us to partake in this ride.  Thank you very much for your contribution.  Team Cedar Ridge HS thanks you.  Go Cougars !!!!

Jack Schneder, Class of '85

Steven Raucher, Class of '81

Adam Schneider, Class of '81

Donna Raucher, Class of '83 (Our Transporter and Moral Support)

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