2018 Wheely Nice Guys-Red Dress Day
2018 Wheely Nice Guys-Red Dress Day

Wheely Nice Guys

Welcome to the 6th Anniversary Ride of the Wheely Nice Guys!

We're wheely excited to continue challenging ourselves while making a difference and having a blast too! Not to mention our calves and glutes are looking amazing!

Team Wheely Nice Guys was founded in 2014, making the upcoming ALC ’19 our team’s sixth ride! To date The Wheelys have raised nearly $800,000!!! As a team, we participate in AIDS/LifeCycle to help raise awareness about the issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, to raise money for services for those living with HIV/AIDS, to help fight the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS, and to help bring HIV/AIDS to an end.

We also ride to challenge ourselves, and each other, physically, mentally, and emotionally, and to experience the community of love and support (aka The Love Bubble) that is AIDS/LifeCycle.

Check out more about us and about our team members at!

Your donation helps fight HIV/AIDS by benefiting the Los Angeles LGBT Center and the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. For more information about how your donations directly benefit the fight, see the links below:

LA LGBT Center:

SF AIDS Foundation:

The Wheely Nice Guys have a lot of fun things planned in the months leading up to the ride. Join in the fun and keep up with us!

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If you’re a Wheely Nice Rider or Roadie and would like to join us for ALC 2019, please email us at

Lots of love,

The Wheely Nice Guys

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