#sanfranciscoAF: First city to end HIV transmission

Last year — from a Facebook ad — I ran my first Santa Skivvies Run, and my usually-collaborative nature melted to reveal an excitable, competitive inside. It paid off, and we raised $7,498 to fight HIV/AIDs in San Francisco and around this world. This year we're doing it again — this time as a new team of our own. On Sunday, December 11th I’m planning to run in the Santa Skivvies Run to help raise funds for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. I'll be baring almost all for a fun run through the "chilly" streets of San Francisco, which don't compare with Boston or New York, but I'm already having to layer up. This will be six weeks after 26.2 miles through freezing New York. 

This year I'm trying to raise as much as I can, and the team has a goal of $15,000. My personal starting goal is $7500 — at leats as much as I did last year.

By accepting this challenge, I have made a commitment to support the Foundation and its mission to prevent new HIV infections and promote the health of people living with HIV/AIDS. Thousands of individuals benefit from the programs and services of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, locally and globally, and I encourage you to learn more about why this is so important by visiting

Modesty's never really been my thing anyway, so why not raise money for a good cause while being out and about? If you want to run, let me know, and I'll work on getting you looped in that way, too!

Goals and dates hit

$325 — September 27
$750 — November 3
$1000 — November 9
$1500 — November 11
$3000 — November 20
$5000 — December 1
$6000 — December 6
$7000 —