Santa Skivvies Run



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It's that time of year again - time to run in my underwear through the streets of San Francisco to help raise funds for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. Don't worry, Mom and Dad, I'm not doing it alone (and it is still legal to run in your underwear!). And it is for a good cause - thousands of individuals benefit from the programs and services of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, locally and globally, and I encourage you to learn more about why this is so important by clicking on “About SFAF” or visiting http://www.sfaf.org.

I hope I can count on your support! It’s easy to contribute by just clicking on “click here to support me”. If you prefer to write a check, you can download the donation form or just contact me and I’ll provide you with the form.

This is once-in-a-lifetime event that happens every year for a cause that affects us all. So, if you’re up for the challenge, join me by registering to run.

Thanks for visiting my page and please check back often to see my progress!

Produced by and benefiting the San Francisco AIDS Foundation Thanks to our Sponsors