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A new adventure!

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Another year, another life changing experience.

AIDS/LifeCycle 12 will be my second year riding in and my fourth year as a part of the amazing community that makes its way down the California coast to make a change none of us could do on our own. We will raise millions of dollars to help the battle against AIDS/HIV and raise awareness in all of the communities we touch. We will make our journey from June 2-8, 2013.

For 2 years I was a part of the ALC Sports Medicine team, donating my chiropractic skills to keep the riders going during the event. Last year my life was changed by taking on the challenge of getting in the saddle and riding my new bike, Lady, from SF to LA. Lady had already made the journey twice and was given to me by another ALC participant so that I could do the event. Now I am a cyclist, an athlete, and someone that understands there aren't any limits to what you can do when you come from your heart and you are in a community that supports you.

Over my 3 years on the ride I have raised over $10,000 dollars. This year my goal will be to again raise $5000 to help the San Francisco AIDS Foundation do its important work. Please help me reach my goal with a donation of any size!


Check out these videos from ALC 11 to see a bit of my journey: 


(Thank you!)

(Photos from the road)

My Personal Web Log


AIDS/LifeCycle 12 Here We Go!!
Hi Everyone!

It's about 24 hours now until AIDS/LifeCycle 12 will really begin for me. Tomorrow I'll be driving to San Francisco with my bike, Lady, to attend what we call "Day 0" of the ride. It's the day where 2,500 cyclists bring their bicycles, watch the all important safety video, and get registered for the ride. The energy at the Cow Palace is hard to describe if you haven't been there. There is a nervous excitement for all of the first time cyclists who are still wondering "What on earth have I signed myself up for?" and also an amazing sense of love and community. For those of us who have been a part of the ride for years now, it feels like coming home. Some of my dearest friends are people I will only see for this one week of the year. Every line I wait in tomorrow is a chance to catch up with someone new.

The first thing I will do is drop my bike off at bike parking, then head into a line to watch the safety video. Keeping 2,500 cyclists safe is no small feat, so there are strict rules to make sure we all get to LA in one piece. I'll wear a wristband all week to show that I know the rules and have agreed to follow them. Next, I'll get in the registration line, where I will pick up my numbers to go on my helmet and bike, as well as receiving my gear truck assignment. After that it will probably be a stop at the camp store to pick up the commemorative jersey for ALC 12. Then I'll head over to the incentive tent where I will receive the special jersey saying that I raised over $5000! That jersey honors every one of you who have donated to this amazing event. Finally, I'll stop by the booth for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation to pick up the team windvest. This year I was asked to be a part of the SFAF team, and I will ride out of San Francisco with my team on Sunday morning. After that stop, I'll make my way back home to do the last few things that need handling before I leave for a week. Then its a big dinner and an early bedtime. Getting to San Francisco by 5am means getting up early on Sunday!

I am so excited to say that I have currently raised $5620!! We blew away my $5000 goal. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who donated. If you haven't yet, you still can. It would be amazing to pass my fundraising total from last year and get to $6000. I'll be sending out updates during the week to everyone who has donated so you will know how its going! I carry each of you in my heart as I make this journey. I have to admit that I am still nervous as I head out this year. Even having done the ride last year it is so hard to imagine riding a bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles!
Even more exciting news is that we are on track to break the all time fundraising record of $13.1 million for the ride. So any last minute donations are much appreciated! That money has San Francisco on track towards being the first city to STOP new transmissions of HIV. Until we find a cure, the only thing we can do is stop the spread, and the SF AIDS Foundation is doing an amazing job at that. Thank you for your support!
Big Hugs,

by Sally Scrutchin on Sat, Jun 01, 2013 @ 6:36 AM

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Dr. Sally's AIDS/LifeCycle Benefit
Music! Dinner! Raffle! Fun! (Even Karaoke for the brave!) Don't miss out.
Harlow Music and Dick's Restaurant present a benefit to support Dr. Sally's second time riding down the California coast in AIDS/LifeCycle.
Tickets are $25 in advance or $35 at the door.
You can buy your ticket by donating here online and they are on sale at Dr. Sally's office (444 Estudillo Ave, Suite D)

by Sally Scrutchin on Tue, Apr 16, 2013 @ 2:49 PM

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Whether you've been hearing about my journey with AIDS/LifeCycle for the past 4 years or this is the first you've heard of it, I imagine you are probably wondering what would inspire me to keep coming back to this event. When there are so many worthy causes to devote myself to, why this one? The answer for me always starts with heart. The first year I did ALC, I didn't fully know what I was signing up for. I had heard stories from friends, but I also didn't understand why someone would go back year after year. So I decided to join the sports medicine team and see what it was all about. I worked harder that week than ever before - between caring for the hundreds of cyclists that came through the tent every day to loading and unloading our gear to move camps each day - I was utterly exhausted by the time we reached LA. But I was also full of love in a way that is hard to explain. In the ALC community we call that the "love bubble". It is a life changing experience to spend a week in a community that is so bonded to supporting each other and achieving a greater common goal.
So, in short, I came back the second year to be surrounded by that love again. I was touched by so many people who are both HIV positive and negative. I am lucky to say that I have never lost anyone to AIDS/HIV, but I have always lived in its shadow. I was born after the first cases were recognized by the CDC. I have NEVER lived in a world where people didn't die from this awful disease. I want that to change. We should not lose our brothers, sisters, friends, and partners to a disease that can be prevented. Our children shouldn't have to live in a world with this disease.
A funny thing happened that second year on the ride for me. I sat in orientation, a girl who had never ridden my pink comfort Raleigh bike more than 17 miles in a day, and started daydreaming about doing the ride. I couldn't imagine how I would survive one day of the ride, much less all 7. But once again the "love bubble" got me. All of my friends rallied around me and convinced me that I could do it. A fellow AIDS/LifeCycle participant even gave me her old bike, shipping it all the way from Japan (!!), so that I could ride. And week by week I went from riding 20 miles to 50 to over 100 in a day. I made it through every scrape and mountain peak supported by the ALC community as well as all of the amazing people in my life. I could not believe how amazing everyone was as I took on this challenge. I will be forever grateful.
In that, I ask for your help. Please consider donating today. Let's make this disease a memory. Thank you.

by Sally Scrutchin on Wed, Feb 27, 2013 @ 10:39 AM

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7 Reasons to Ride a Bike for 7 Days
Dear Friends and Family,
Happy holidays to you and your loved ones! I hope you are enjoying the best of the season together.
While I have been on a few great rides over the past couple of months, this has been a pretty quiet period before the real training season starts in January. I'll be back on my bike fully in the new year and I've got some great fundraisers planned, starting with my Give Life, Get Health event at my office on January 11th. Please check out my facebook page ( for all of the details. And stay tuned for the rest, including art contests and karaoke parties!
Whenever I tell people what I am doing for AIDS/LifeCycle, after the look of shock passes, they ask me why on earth I would do such a thing? So here are my top 7 reasons why I would ride my bike for 7 days:
1. I promised you all I would ride 545 miles last year, and the Great Storm of Day 2 made that impossible when they closed the ride at lunch. So I need to go back and try again!
2. Over the past 3 years you have helped me raise $10K to fight this disease, which has helped countless people. Your generosity means the world to me. It is my goal to reach the $15K mark before I ride again on June 2nd, 2013.
3. The AIDS epidemic has been going on for over 30 years. I was born into a world with AIDS. I want my children to know a world without it.
4. Where else can you ride your bike wearing a tutu without getting funny looks?
5. The adventures of being a Training Ride Leader this year and watching new riders go through the transformation I experienced last year.
6. Being able to spend the training season riding with my friends from the AIDS/LifeCycle community. They have changed the meaning of love, compassion, and commitment for me. I am a better person because of them.
7. AIDS/LifeCycle has changed my life, from my years as part of the roadie community to my amazing adventure down the California coast on my bike last year. It changed how I view the world, got me into the best shape of my life, and transformed what I believe I am capable of accomplishing.
In response, I'll ask you a similar question why do you donate? Someone you've lost? To make a difference? Or are you just impressed I'm still interested in sitting on a bike for 7 days straight for a second year? Leave a note in the comment section of your donation to let me know. And please help me spread the word. Forward this email to a friend or business you know who may want to contribute. Remember all donations are tax-deductible, great to year-end write-offs. Your donations keep me riding and make a difference throughout the SF Bay Area. Just click below to go to my page and donate.
Much love to you all!

by Sally Scrutchin on Mon, Dec 10, 2012 @ 2:06 PM

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Dear Friends and Family,

I want you to know how deeply grateful I am for all of you. Looking back on everything that the last year has brought me - not to mention the years before - I know I couldn't have done it without you. Your generous donations have made my fundraising total over the past three years surpass $10,000! Your words of encouragement and support carried me through last year's training, from those first rides where I learned the best way to get gravel out of scraped knees to my triumphant moment crossing the finish line in LA. I looked at my fellow cyclists and said "Did we really just ride our bikes from SF to LA? That can't be possible, right?" But it was and I had each of you in my heart through every mile. Thank you.

This year has already brough fun and challenges. I completed my training to be an official training ride leader and have been leading rides for a couple of months now. A few people have asked me why I would take the fun out of the riding and make it "work" by being a leader. My first answer is - it's not work because I love it! And the second answer is Gratitude. A couple of weeks ago I was riding sweep (the leader that rides in the back of the pack to make sure noone gets left behind) and we were coming down off the back of the Marin Headlands. This is a descent that makes even skilled cyclists take note. We had taken a different road down last year when I did a similar ride, so even I didn't know what I was in for. The grade is so steep that if you let off your brakes you will quickly be going 30-40 mph down a twisty road right beside a cliff to the ocean. I'm not sure what speed I would have taken this descent left to my own devices - my nickname "Downhill" may have come into play :-) But instead I was riding behind a relatively new cyclist who had just the week before gotten his bike fitted with clipless pedals. Getting used to having your feed locked into your bike is something that takes adjustment and typically takes a bit of your confidence away until you feel like you can easily get out without falling over, especially going downhill. So we road down this hill at 8 mph, full force on our brakes to the point where my hands were cramping to keep them locked that hard. But when we got the the bottom of the hill the rider told me how grateful he was that I had been there with him and he was feeling more confident already. Those are the moments that will keep me coming back - watching someone go from a timid newbie to the cyclist I will see at the finish line in LA next June.

My goal for this year's fundraising is once again $5000. I hope you will consider giving - especially during the holiday season. The funds raised are able to go into use to help services immediately. We all have so much to be grateful for in our lives. Your donation is a priceless gift to someone that needs support from the SF AIDS Foundation during what should be a happy time of year. No donation is too small and all are tax deductible.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,

by Sally Scrutchin on Wed, Nov 21, 2012 @ 11:10 AM

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