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I'm Doing It My Way--Ending AIDS, That Is!

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We're on our way

12 percent of goal achieved.

Goal: $4,500.00
Achieved: $525.00

Although I volunteered as a Camp Signage Roadie for ALC10 last year and signed up to repeat that duty to help support the 2,500 cyclists and their efforts to fight HIV and AIDS, I decided to join the cyclist ranks instead--so between 3 June and 9 June 2012, I'll be supporting those living with HIV and AIDS by cycling the 545 miles between San Francisco and Los Angeles myself, with David at my side (at least, waiting in line with me each morning before the ride starts--he's a speedster!).

I'll be training to prepare for such a ride--going from an occasional commuter on a trail bike to a century-riding HIV-fighting California-highway-burning demon of cycling awesomeness! You can follow my training (with videos and other fun things) on Bagging the Baggage, my weight loss/physical activity/healthy living/etc. blog:

Help me support AIDS/LifeCycle by giving what you can, forwarding this page to your friends, and learning about HIV and AIDS and the people it effects--everyone! We'll keep riding until AIDS and HIV are a thing of the past.


My Personal Web Log


Thank you!
Several of my friends have made donations to get me started on my way to AIDS/LifeCycle. I've made my own headway in training for the ride, but I have a lot of distance to cover both in the money I need to raise and the biking I need to do to prepare for this ride--it's only about 4 months away!

Creating this training graph ( terrifies me horribly--I see how far I have to go in such a short amount of time.

But, with the support of my friends, family, and the AIDS/LifeCycle community, I'll get there both physically and financially!

by Kenneth Moore on Tue, Jan 24, 2012 @ 1:21 PM

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