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So, here's The Thing....

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EDIT: Time's almost up. The day's almost here. Bike is getting a overhaul, my red Dress is made, and it looks fantastic, and my fear? My fear is...well, not gone, but it's become almost zen-like... I've been training every weekend (more or less), and I'm ready for this. Let the adventure begin! I've made my goal (thanks entirely to all of you), but you can stlll donate, every little bit counts. (And hey, at 5K I get The World's Most Expensive Jersey).


I do not know who is going to get off the bike at the end of this. I do not know what is going to happen to me, or what's in store. All I know is.....I'm ready to do this thing. So let's do it. Thank you all. I'll send pictures.

I believe (and this is just me myself and my brain), very firmly, that if you want to be a better person (and I do, as I feel most of us do...), then self examination & purely mental/emotional work is never enough.

Not to diminish those things, because they're effing HARD a lot of the time. But, they're only half the story.

The other half is what I affectionately call "Doing Things". They don't always have to be big things, or flashy things, they can even be invisible-to-anyone-but-you things. But they need to be real, concrete, physical or actionable things. That you do. As markers of change, and movement towards an end. As proof that it's not all in your head. As catalysts for the change you want...change your world, you change yourself, change yourself, you change your world, it's a cyclical unifying thingie, you get me?

Anyway, things. The thing about things is that, sometimes, just sometimes, they do need to be BIG things. Flashy things. Things that the whole goddamn world can see and say "whoah, that is indeed a mighty thing!".

So, to that end, in my ongoing quest to Be A Better And More Worthwhile Person, and thereby be In A Better And More Worthwhile World, I'm doing this .... thing.

Riding 545 miles, from SF to LA, on a bicycle, over the course of seven days, as part of the Aids Lifecycle Charity Ride. It is, to me, a huge and flashy thing.

There are other motives of course, but this is the biggie. Change. Growth. Being Better. In a whole host of ways. (Not to say I suck, because I kinda don't [much] anymore.... but I can always be better...) I've never done anything this major before, riding-wise, nor tried to raise this much money for it. Needless to say.....

I'm completely TERRIFIED.

So...comments, encouragement, pep talks, tips, advice - all are welcome. Bring it on, the student is in. Most importantly though, so is spreading the word. Helping me tell people so I can make my nut for funding ($3,000 ... ULP...), all that sort of thing. You don't have to donate, seriously, at all - lord knows I don't when I can't, but I am bettting there far more popular people than me who will see this, and I could really use your voices more than anything else. Thank you. 

p.s. in the photo? That's my "Oh no, what have I done?" face.

My Personal Web Log


So, I had a thought, what can I do to up the awesome, and give cred to my "Army of Awesome" (That is you all) who've donated? And it hit me, I'll bring you with me! WOOHOO! That's right, you'll all be riding with me! Well, anyone who donates by the end of march will anyway.
I'll be making a custom jersey with the names of all the donors on the "donor roll" section of the donation page on it. So, you can go to the donation page, make a donation, and put whatever name you want in, and I'll see to it it gets on the jersey. And yes this does me you can donate under the name "I like to eat paint" (or something equally awesome), and I'll have that on my jersey.
Inclusion is good, exclusion is bad, so ALL the names will go on. But I gotta give nods to early donaters and high dollar amounts, so those names will be a bit bigger ... early birds are all covered allready, but if you want to me sport gear that says "I HEART TENTACLES IN FUN PLACES", you better put your bit in soon! Finally, the design is up to me. Trust me, I'm good at this design stuff.
Whatever else it winds up being, it's gonna be an interesting looking piece of sportswear, that's for darn sure.

by Damion Mosier-Tidd on Wed, Mar 06, 2013 @ 12:51 PM

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Yup. That's gonna be me. Sequins and all.
THIS oughtta be amusing.
I should probably also make a mohawk out of red miniature devil ducks for my helmet too. I'm am gonna be CLASSY.

by Damion Mosier-Tidd on Mon, Feb 11, 2013 @ 9:02 AM

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Oh yeah...
If I raise more than 1000$ by the end of february, then on the "wear red" day, my lovely wife Tina says she'll make me a red sequinned miniskirt and top to wear while I ride. We all wanna see that happen, right?

by Damion Mosier-Tidd on Fri, Feb 08, 2013 @ 4:42 PM

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