ALC 2014

Team Unpopular

We're Team Unpopular; a group of friends who likes riding our bikes, raising money for good causes, fighting the good fights, the healing power of an ill timed musical revue and just generally having more fun than should probably be allowed.

Team Unpopular is thrilled beyond reason to return for its third year participating in the AIDS/LifeCycle.  Last year we shocked the world by kicking AIDS squarely in the face and raising nearly 180K and we're back to do it again!

We need you!  Without the contributions of our friends, family and incredible group of supporters we would just be a group of louder-than-normal odd jobs riding our bikes towards Disneyland.  Your donations inspire us to keep going and fill our fists with AIDS punching fury.  

We like you.  In fact, we're kind of into you.


Go on.  Be Unpopular.

Team Unpopular - Join Team Raised
Jesse Riscen $3,813.74
John Cavellini $14,840.00
Gabriel Barba $3,090.00
Robert Coverdell $5,145.00
Shelley Crowley $4,791.00
Brian Dargiewicz $3,000.00
Jeff Dulgar $3,125.00
Kyle Eberly $384.00
Corey Eckert $3,740.16
Alex Fonti $2,404.54
Sean Forte $3,167.00
Scott Friesen $6,831.00
Andrew Gordon $2,135.00
Peter Grace $3,705.29
Micah Hilt $3,357.89
Max Kellogg $3,135.00
Alexander Kleinberg $56.00
Simon Lysnes $0.00
Brett Mendenhall $3,630.00
Tye Olson $5,935.00
Lawrence Orta $5,680.00
Victoria Purol $3,150.48
Christopher Richards $3,226.48
Chad Roberts $3,127.86
Justin Schultz $3,705.00
Tom Shaw $3,435.00
Tim Shundo $2,910.74
Greg Smart $3,101.84
Steven Soares $3,210.53
Alice Stribling $6,202.00
Robert Tochterman $3,762.09
Scott Walent $3,475.32
Alicia Walton $6,415.90
Alexis Wilson $3,010.01
Adam Zeboski $3,538.84
Denotes a Team Captain