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As Long as There's a Need, I'll Keep on Riding

At the very end of ALC 11 (thank you Stevo Rood for this awesome picture)
At the very end of ALC 11 (thank you Stevo Rood for this awesome picture)

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I'm Riding to End AIDS

From June 2-8, 2013, I'm bicycling from San Francisco to Los Angeles in AIDS/LifeCycle, covering 545 miles in seven days, to make a world of difference in the lives of people living with HIV and AIDS.

Help me support AIDS/LifeCycle by giving what you can. We'll keep riding until AIDS and HIV are a thing of the past.

ALC 12 will be ride number 14 for me...three California AIDS Rides and every AIDS/LifeCycle with the exception of #1 (I took the year off to go to the Gay Games in Sydney). I also drove a sweep vehicle in the 2001 Canada-US AIDS Vaccine Ride.

Why do I keep riding? Many reasons. I've been HIV-positive for over 30 years and have lost far too many friends and loved ones. Since I'm still around I take this to mean I have work to do and I can think of no better way to acknowledge my continued good fortune--and honor the memory of those dear to me--than to continue riding and raising money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation. December 4, 2012 marked 20 years since I lost my partner Mario Luna to AIDS. December 5 marked 32 years since the day on which I most likely contracted HIV.

Every 9 1/2 minutes, someone in the US is infected with HIV. This is a sad truth. There is of course nothing to prevent a specific individual from making a specific poor decision. But what we CAN do is help to fund programs aimed at awareness and prevention so that, perhaps, 9 1/2 minutes becomes ten minutes...or fifteen minutes...or longer. And we can help to fund programs designed to provide services to those who are already infected and who are limited means and personal resources. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation does all of this and more.

Every dollar I raise...every dollar you donate...gets us closer to our goal of world without AIDS. Please click the link to your right and give what you can.

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Ending one year; starting another
The week surrounding New Year's Eve was actually relatively productive in terms of training.
After not riding for a couple of weeks, I got the road bike cleaned up (well almost; I keep finding little bits of crud I overlooked) and took it out for a spin on Sunday, 12/30. Nothing terribly adventurous; did my commute route, continued along Folsom all the way to Embarcadero and returned by way of 2nd Street and Howard. On the way home I stopped off at Mike's Bikes to say hello. Computer hadn't been tracking cadence; they fixed it...for now. I'm sure that laying the bike down in the back of the car is sufficient to throw things out of line once again.
There were no pictures but I did get in a bit under five miles. Totals as follows:
Ride time: 0:25:37
Mileage: 4.88
Average speed: 11.2 mph
Maximum speed: 21.2 mph
New Year's Day was a bit more ambitious, and this one was an official training ride (organized, as usual, by Julie Brown). When I say it was a bit more ambitious I mean a BIT more...officially 15 whole miles from the north parking lot of the Golden Gate Bridge into Mill Valley and back. Weather was sufficiently brisk as to be noticeable. The biggest challenge was that the parking lot was completely full (surprising for early on New Year's Day) and some of us had to drive part of the way up the Headlands to find parking. So the resulting ride was just a bit more challenging and a bit longer. The Depot Cafe in Mill Valley was closed for the holiday but we managed to find alternate food facilities across the street. And we had a couple of visitors as well. Starting and finishing up the Headlands gave me some extra photo opportunities too.
Totals for the day:
Ride time: 1:12:39
Mileage: 15.83
Average speed: 13.0 mph
Maximum speed: 32.0 mph
Photos are on Facebook and at:
Finally, on Saturday, we began the training season in earnest with the kick-off of Chris Thomas's South Bay Distance Training Series out of Mountain View. There was quite a turnout--35 riders altogether. This was supposed to be an easy ride but when you're on one of Chris's rides's relative. Continuing road construction on Junipero Serra will force us to use alternate routes on northbound rides well into March, starting with this one. So we began by using the Bryant Bike Boulevard through Palo Alto and then headed up Sand Hill Road to Santa Cruz Avenue and then north by way of Alameda de las Pulgas. No Chris Thomas ride would be complete without a challenge. Today's was a climb up Jefferson Avenue and Farm Hill Boulevard. We'd descended Jefferson several times in the past but climbing was a new experience. The summit consisted of Canada College (sorry; no tilde).
I may have been the only one to recall our last "official" trip to that spot: Day on the Ride for CAR 8, in 2001, but at least we did the short climb that time!
From the summit we descended to Canada Road, continued south and approached Roberts Market in Woodside by way of King Mountain Road. Following the lunch stop we did the Portola-Alpine Loop, rode through the Arastradero Preserve and along the side of Highway 280 and then...we climbed a couple more hills, concluding with a loop around the Los Gatos Golf and Country Club before returning to Mountain View. Did I mention that it was chilly in the morning and that rain was in the forecast? The chill was noteworthy (though tomorrow will apparently be colder) and the weather deteriorated throughout the day. But everyone finished up, with the last person arriving minutes ahead of the rain.
Today's totals:
Ride time: 3:09:13
Mileage: 39.73
Average speed: 12.5 mph
Maximum speed: 32.2 mph
The Flickr photos are at:
As I've waited all week to do an update I can now say that the next training ride will be tomorrow...another South Bay event. The Distance Training Series is normally every other week but the first two rides were scheduled back-to-back.

by Robert Katz on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 @ 4:15 PM

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