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A 545 Mile Adventure

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From June 2-8, 2013, I will be participating in the AIDS/LifeCycle. It's a 7-day, 545-mile bike ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles to support people living with HIV and AIDS. The AIDS/LifeCycle will challenge me physically and help shine a light on an illness that has recently fallen off most people?s radar.  It?s easy to think that HIV/AIDS is no longer a problem. Medications have come a long way, and people are living longer, healthier lives. This is why the work of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center is so vital. These agencies continue to provide the critical services and education needed to meet the growing needs of our community. We ride to raise awareness and knowledge about HIV/AIDS among participants, their donors, and the general public. We ride because?in the current economy?our agencies need these funds more than ever.

Help me support AIDS/LifeCycle by giving what you can.  Your financial support will help fund the two agencies provide critical services to people living with HIV and AIDS; and the ride itself will show those people living with this illness that we haven?t forgotten them.  We'll keep riding until AIDS and HIV are a thing of the past. A week of my life and a bit of training is a small sacrifice in comparison to the challenge facing those living with AIDS/HIV.    

Here are some facts about AIDS in the US:

  • Since the AIDS epidemic began in 1981, 1.7 million Americans have been infected with HIV and more than 617,025 have died of AIDS-related causes.
  • Every 9 1/2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is infected with HIV.
  • An estimated 21% of people living with HIV are undiagnosed. 
  • Young adults and teens between 13 and 29 represent 34% of new HIV infections, the largest share of any age group.


San Francisco Department of Public Health, HIV Epidemiology Section. HIV/AIDS Epidemiology Annual Report 2009; Kaiser Family Foundation Fact Sheet: The HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the United States, March 2011; the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention California State Profile; HIV Epidemiology Program Division of Communicable Disease Control and Prevention - Los Angeles County Department of Public Health; UNAIDS Global Report on the Global AIDS Epidemic 2010


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$1K Landmark
I would like to thank all of my friends and family who have donated! I am over the first $1k fundraising landmark!
Ryan Coyle had the honors of pushing it over! One of my oldest and dearest friends <3
On a productive training note:
This morning was another brutal spin class @ Walton Endurance . For the rest of the day I think about how sore I will be tomorrow :-)

by Alli Dolan on Thu, Jan 10, 2013 @ 1:35 PM

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Comment #2
Good luck with your fund raising effort; It's good to see another Philly resident heading to the ride. I will be on the ride as well. Take care - Tom Mapp

by Thomas Mapp on Fri, Mar 22, 2013 @ 12:41 PM

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Comment #1
way to go!!!!! keep up the awesome work!

by Valencia Sandidge on Wed, Jan 16, 2013 @ 8:55 AM

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